The L8ly Route

Welcome to our IT training program roadmap - a journey towards mastery of the most in-demand and cutting-edge technology skills! Our roadmap is a beautifully crafted guide that will take you step-by-step towards becoming a skilled IT professional. Each milestone along the way is carefully laid out to give you a sense of progress and accomplishment as you move closer towards achieving your learning goals.

Our roadmap includes comprehensive coverage of all the essential IT skills, from coding and software development to database management, networking, cybersecurity, and more. Each topic is presented in a way that is easy to understand and engaging, making your learning experience both fun and challenging.

Let our roadmap be your guide as you embark on this exciting journey towards mastery of IT skills and the endless opportunities that lie ahead!


Fly high with English

While training for your desired course with L8ly in your own language, you can improve your English skills for a wider set of opportunities and self-improvement.

Our English Academic Preparation English Academic Preparation is a rigorous language program designed for learners who do not meet the language requirements for admission to a degree/certification program or to make yourself qualified to seek a job. The program's main goal is to assist learners in starting their degree/certification program as soon as possible.


How to decide and get help while deciding?

L8ly projects the importance of the upcoming digital age where the accessibility to information is advanced to its greatest extents. It encourages each learner to take action to be a part of the field since the shift is taking place vigorously. In order to decide, our mind is set to;

Get a highly credential tailored education from any background to transfer to the field.

Pursue your career which fits your schedule to become intellectually enriched.

Achieve your ambitious goals in the time span of 6-9 months!

You can watch our webinars and schedule a meeting with one of our student advisors to ensure that the program meets your background knowledge and your future goals. You can also discuss your learning journey, compensation, career goals, concerns, etc.



L8ly is dedicated to excellence for you to become intellectually enriched in the field with all the necessary tools. Each course program involves a thorough course curriculum that will make you understand the profound uses and techniques of its specific area of use. Courses will take up to 6 months and there are significant benefits of each of these courses.


What to expect during your training in 4-6 months?

Instructional Groups: Seek assistance from instructors and teaching assistants. Our industry professional instructional staff is available to assist you in gaining the skills you require for your journey.

Network of Mentors: Qualified students will be able to request free tutoring and receive up to an hour of 1:1 time per week with a skilled tutor to discuss class material, code reviews, or career-related questions.

Team of Career Services: After completing the boot camp, you will have access to a dedicated career director and profile coach who will assist you in preparing to land your dream job. Learn how to build your personal brand and stand out in today's market by doing “Industry Speakers and Events for Technical and Behavioral Interview Preparation” with L8ly!



Upon completing the course a learner is registered for, we are providing real time Projects on Cognos, Big data Hadoop, SAP (BI/BW, BO, HANA, PI), Tableau, .Net, Java, Power Builder and PHP Technologies.

Goal: Learn about Tools Used, Objectives of the Project, Project Durations, and Project Development Procedure.



L8ly will work with all learners in 5 different fields to make sure all our learners are ready to pass any interview effectively.

I. Resume completion with experts who has experience with a wide range of interview structures.
II. Portfolio building.
III. Linkedn account building.
IV. Preparing for Mock Interviews.
V. Accesing to internship and job opportunities.



After completing all 6 steps successfully, L8ly proudly promises all learners that we put you forward to as many job interviews as possible until you land a job!