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Data Science (python)

You will receive a thorough introduction to Python's data analytics tools and methods in this course on data science with Python. With this Python data science course, you may hone your Python skills, which are essential for many data science professions. You may learn Python for data science together with ideas such as data wrangling, mathematical computing, and more using online-practiced learning approach

With L8ly’s Data Science with Python course, you can start building your career as a data scientist. You will learn the concepts of Python programming such as Web scraping, NLP, Data analysis, Machine learning, and Data visualization.

  • Learn how to gather, arrange, and analyze facts to make meaningful judgments in the field.

  • Which technologies, trends, and techniques are fueling the data science revolution.

  • Important trends in data science like data analytics.

  • Machine learning.

  • Data-driven decision making.

  • Artificial intelligence and Economic impact