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Degree Programs

To obtain enough qualifications to get started is the most convenient way of beginning. However, you dont have to stop there. Univaf offers Bachelors, Master/MBA, and PhD degrees that are fully online! You can apply to obtain your higher-education degree of choice with us. Check out our requirements by clicking here.

At Univaf, we offer online, expedited, internationally accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with the opportunities to get generous amounts of scholarship.

Followings are the requirements for application;

  • Passport or National ID

  • Resume or CV

  • Personal statement

  • Reference letter

  • High School/Bachelor Transcript (English Translated)

English Proficiency-Minimum requirements DUOLINGO 105/160 or IELTS 6.5/9 orTOEFL 80/120 or Cambridge English Placement Test CEPT) 40/50 etc.

We are working towards making Higher-Education Affordable & Accessible for everyone. With Univaf, you can obtain our degrees in the comfort of your home and in your own pace. Tuition fees are decreased to help more students move forward in their academic careers. Check out the Univaf website for more information about our degree programs. We want help you help yourself and its in your hands to take the first steps into expansion.

  • To enable learners to apply analytical and evaluative techniques to business in private and public sectors

  • To enhance analytical and evaluative skills relating to business across a number of industries

  • To develop the learner’s ability to recognise and reflect on the process of personal learning and development, which facilitates the enhancement of key personal, sociable and other transferable skills.

  • To encourage the learner’s self-reflection, analytical, intellectual and transferable skills