All our training courses include materials and exercises that will take you to your career start in 4-6 months.

About Us

L8ly thinks everyone should have the chance to advance technology and learn the skills of the future. Our platform enables enterprises and individuals to benchmark skills across jobs, accelerate release cycles, and develop dependable, secure products by providing exams, learning paths, and courses written by industry experts.

All our training courses include materials and exercises that will take you to your career start in 4-6 months.


The goal of information technology is to provide an infrastructure that is dependable and strong enough to enable ubiquitous, secure, and frictionless access to information resources in all forms.

As a trusted partner who anticipates requirements and provides creative solutions in support of the L8ly’s purpose of teaching, research, and service, IT engages in collaborative relationships both within our platform and with the community we are eager to build.


By delivering efficient IT products and services that assist students, faculty, and staff in achieving L8ly’s objectives, the Information Technology Organization at our platform provides and develops an evolving, dependable, innovative, integrated, and service-oriented information technology environment.

This very environment empowers, enhances, and engages the academic, support, and research activities of L8ly.

Core Values

Honesty and fairness are demonstrated; sincerity in dealing with others is demonstrated; and character is demonstrated in all situations.

Shows responsibility and dependability; accepts accountability; does not deflect or imply blame on others; and delivers on promises.

Critical Thinking and Creativity
In our work, we are inspired by creativity and curiosity. We strive to be innovative and agile, employing critical thinking to make effective decisions and efficiently leverage our resources. Throughout the process, we encourage diverse viewpoints and consider numerous alternatives.

“Knowledge Gives You Power”
We recognize that knowledge empowers people. We deal with knowledge in a variety of ways as information technology professionals. We create a digital environment that facilitates access to knowledge, facilitating learning, research, innovation, and world-class patient care. We gain the skills and experiences that make us experts in our field through professional development opportunities.

The Influence of 'We'
We work to foster an environment that attracts and retains the best and brightest talent. Our talented staff's passion, experiences, and diverse skills propel us toward shared success. We recognize and encourage the strengths of individuals within our community, but we also recognize that leveraging these individual strengths to advance collaborative efforts is the most effective way to achieve our objectives. We can explore topics from various perspectives and complete tasks more efficiently by working together.

Leadership Collaboration
In decision-making, prioritizing, and interacting with others, we demonstrate shared leadership skills. We are dedicated to achieving our objectives, and we lead by empowering, encouraging, and appreciating the strengths of others.