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Salesforce Admin & Developer

At L8ly, you can utilize Salesforce's many pre-built products and services, or standard functionality, to manage a business. This course will get you started whether you have never used Salesforce at all or are an experienced Admin who wants to learn how to use Salesforce DX (SFDX) to modernize your automated projects.

Using Apex code, JavaScript, and automation in the form of workflows, processes, and flows, Salesforce developers create apps. In this course, you will discover the very first actions you need to take to set yourself up to work on the platform.

You'll start by creating and setting up a developer org. You'll then learn about the two popular methods for developing Salesforce applications and what it means to use a source-based development methodology. Finally, you'll work with Salesforce DX (SFDX), a cutting-edge software development environment that admins and coders can both use.

You will understand the platform's development processes and be prepared to follow along with any subsequent Salesforce courses you enroll in, whether they're software- or declarative-based.

  • Utilize order capturing and asset-based ordering features to produce "perfect" orders.

  • In the shared catalog, specify goods and product bundles.

  • To accommodate both simple and complicated price systems, use pricing components.

  • For a short period of time, modify prices by creating specials and discounts.

  • Make sure the appropriate products are offered to the right clients at the right pricing by using rules.

  • Utilize the CPQ APIs for Industries Digital Commerce to create ordering and quoting systems.