Technology used wisely is a catalyst to
magically transforming the way we live.

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Get a highly credential tailored education from any background to transfer to the field.


Pursue your career which fits your schedule to become intellectually enriched.


Achieve your ambitious goals in the time span of 6-9 months!

“Study Where Your Mind Matters!


Our Advisors are ready to support you throughout your journey starting from helping you choose the right course.

Instructors - Proficient Academicians, exceedingly qualified instructors

Your education will be provided by top notch university academicians!


Mentors will guide all learners by assisting them in their struggles and problems.

L8ly Club

Club members will be able to form connections in the IT Club for limitless networking in the sector!

Our coaches will strategize all learners to prepare them to their next step in your future career.

Building career

“What Makes Us Different?

Guarantee Job

L8ly guarantees your workplace when the time of completing your course comes. If the learner can not be placed to a job, the entire tuition fee will be refunded. *Check your qualifications with one of our advisors while getting your Resume structured.*

Real time projects

Learners have to work in real time projects with global companies in tech to be eligible to complete the program. Projects will carry learners to the same league as the seniors of the industry by fast-track & squeezed training.

Our Instructors

L8ly Instructors are well experienced in the field, and professors from the Top-Notch Universities that provide tech Programs such as Harvard and MIT.

Language school

To improve your English proficiency, L8ly has a special collaboration to provide all learners tailored & accelerated courses with Oxford LMS.
Check out our English courses by clicking here.

L8ly is dedicated to excellence for you to become intellectually enriched in the field with all the necessary tools.